Thursday, 2 February 2012


While I'm in work drinking way too many cups of coffee and reminiscing of sweet sumer time I thought I'd share a few links with you. Enjoy.

Even though I probably shouldn't be promoting this while I myself am not partaking in sugar. I saw these Super bowl snack Burgers and thought they were too adorable not to share with my stateside friends.

This is another reason why we don't eat fast food.

I want to make such beautiful thingsfor our home.

Don't wanna grow up? Neither do I but I do want to make this peter pan collar. or maybe paint my nails?

Seeing posts like these add to list of why I want a sister

Are you a fan of Rachel Bilson's fashion? Head over to Shoe Mint.

Speaking of fashion here are a few of my favourites herehere, and here. What are your favourite fashion/style blogs? I'm always up for new inspirations.

A little behind on my blog? Have you read about the clean eating challenge I'm doing inspired by Sometimes Sweet? Maybe while your on sometimes sweet read this letter of Danielle telling it how it is

Is your hair in need of a pick me up? I purchased this a few weeks back and it has seriously done wonders to my hair. 

Looking for cute things, how tos, rants and more? Head over to Hello Giggles.

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