Friday, 17 February 2012

new blog.

Right everyone had to create a new blog due to some difficulties.... you can now find me at HERE
Having some difficulties with uploading images to blogger at the moment. Thanks for your patience while I figure this out.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


I took a little soak in the bath tonight. Luna is beyond intrigued with the bathtub and all the sinks in the house. Our bathroom door doesn't lock. This means that curious cat Luna will pry and pick at the door until it comes open. Creeps in with her ears perched and eyes wide and black. Pops up on the tub ledge like above and just watches as you either bathe or shower. I know our house is not normal. Oh well I think it's cute that she has to be in whatever room you are in she has to be in. I don't find it cute when I am using the bathroom though and she jumps into the sink and just stares at me. Awkward.


Obsessing over: Bright pants like the above from Gap. I want every color. Get in my closet now. Also thesethese  and these.

Working on: Items for the Giveaways. 

Thinking about:  A new blog name. I don't want Photography by Tanja to limit what is to be expected of the blog. I am still going to be uploading images especially lots more when it stays light out longer but I also want to broaden the blog 

Anticipating: Weekend with husband. Hoping the weather isn't too cold so we can get out and do something outdoors. Maybe a walk in the forest or taking a trip to Crosby beach. 

Listening to: Oh you'll never guess this one. Wait for it....a mix between Lana Del Ray, Florence and  The Vaccines. I'm pretty much addicted to the both of them. Sweet goodness to my ears. I am super excited to see Florence next month with some girlfriends. 


Eating: So obsessed! I'm going to literally cry when my stash I brought back from the states runs out. This means I should probably stop eating them as if they are going out of style. I just love them. They are like a delicious crunchiness. 

Wishing: The sky would stay light longer and the air feel of warmth. 

So what can I say I'm a bit of a follower sometimes. I was actually trying to think of what to blog about today when I saw this on Sometimes Sweet who got it from Megan is Love

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Did you have a chance to check out my video I uploaded earlier today? What'd you think? 

Feb Photo A Day phone. My poor broken phone. 


I am going to be doing a give a way this week. Prepare yourselves. 



My journey home from Florida :)

Lana Del Ray-Video Games is the song.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 356: 
Febphotoaday; heart

We don't celebrate Valentines day in the Aden house. Never really have and probably won't until until maybe we have children? I mean we say Happy Valentines day but other than that we don't see that one day we should love each other more than any other day. We like to do things for each other throughout the year and don't find that giving into society's pressure of purchasing the perfect flowers or heart shaped processed chocolate candies will make me think David loves me more than anyone else. I already know this from the day to day things he does in life. I love my husband very much and am thankful for the relationship and life I have with him. I am so lucky. 

Update on the suit case situation. It arrived today with all items still inside. I also received a package from my mother. Always makes for a great day. 

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