Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 356: 
Febphotoaday; heart

We don't celebrate Valentines day in the Aden house. Never really have and probably won't until until maybe we have children? I mean we say Happy Valentines day but other than that we don't see that one day we should love each other more than any other day. We like to do things for each other throughout the year and don't find that giving into society's pressure of purchasing the perfect flowers or heart shaped processed chocolate candies will make me think David loves me more than anyone else. I already know this from the day to day things he does in life. I love my husband very much and am thankful for the relationship and life I have with him. I am so lucky. 

Update on the suit case situation. It arrived today with all items still inside. I also received a package from my mother. Always makes for a great day. 

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