Thursday, 16 February 2012


Obsessing over: Bright pants like the above from Gap. I want every color. Get in my closet now. Also thesethese  and these.

Working on: Items for the Giveaways. 

Thinking about:  A new blog name. I don't want Photography by Tanja to limit what is to be expected of the blog. I am still going to be uploading images especially lots more when it stays light out longer but I also want to broaden the blog 

Anticipating: Weekend with husband. Hoping the weather isn't too cold so we can get out and do something outdoors. Maybe a walk in the forest or taking a trip to Crosby beach. 

Listening to: Oh you'll never guess this one. Wait for it....a mix between Lana Del Ray, Florence and  The Vaccines. I'm pretty much addicted to the both of them. Sweet goodness to my ears. I am super excited to see Florence next month with some girlfriends. 


Eating: So obsessed! I'm going to literally cry when my stash I brought back from the states runs out. This means I should probably stop eating them as if they are going out of style. I just love them. They are like a delicious crunchiness. 

Wishing: The sky would stay light longer and the air feel of warmth. 

So what can I say I'm a bit of a follower sometimes. I was actually trying to think of what to blog about today when I saw this on Sometimes Sweet who got it from Megan is Love

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