Thursday, 2 February 2012


Day 345 of 365:

Y'all know my obsession with peanut butter, so seeing as most peanut butters have added sugar and such I decided to try some more natural whole nut spreads like cashew and almond butter. I could literally eat the almond butter out of the jar like peanut butter but the cashew butter lacks a little something. So today for my snack I spread some on some celery and sprinkled a little and I mean like 3 granules per celery stick just to give it that added yum. Oh I love the mixture. 

Tonight I made a Carrot Soup. 

What you'll need is about 4-6 large carrots chopped to pieces. 
1/2 a can of Cannelli Beans
Green Thai Paste
I also added a forkful of Sauerkraut but I know thats not for everyone so you could omit this ingredient. 
Big Spoonful of Greek yoghurt. 

I put the carrots and beans to steam. 
Once soft I put the water and carrot mix in a blender to "puree" it. 
I added coriander. (Taste test for the amount you prefer)
Chopped a handful of Spinach and put in. 
Oregano sprinkles in you go. 
Oh hello there green thai paste you so spicy get in my soup. 
Stir. Stir. Stir 
Sauerkraut you go in for a bit of added flavour and texture. 
Lastly I added some greek yoghurt for some added creaminess. 

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