Friday, 3 February 2012


Day 346 is just going to have to also be my febphotoaday:

I actually found this quite ironic as I was sat in work yesterday I was staring at my very etched lined hands and it just amazed me that not one person has the same imprint on their hand. How unique. literally. I was thinking I would take a picture and do a post on it and then when I got home I went to look at the Febphotoaday list for what todays picture challenge was and it was hands. Now that is ironic. What do the lines on your hands say about you? Where have you been? Where do plan on going? Who's the most important hand that has touched yours? Are they soft or are they coarse? Do you ever wonder where they will take you? If in doubt... lend a hand. A wave, high have, pat on the back, carrying someone's groceries, wiping a tear, even a prayer, or just simply holding someones hand is all ways of showing affection. Who are you giving a hand today?

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