Wednesday, 1 February 2012

chicken lettuce wraps

It's official. I am flying to Jacksonville on Monday. Still have not managed to find us passport. This could cause some problems as I cannot think of anything causing more confusion than an american/german without an american passport living in England married but still has passport in maiden name flying to America. I think I'll try and pass on that sitch. 

My oh my can it get any colder outside? It's officially freezing. 

Have any of you been to PF Changs? Have you ever had their lettuce wrap starters? OH MY GOODNESS in my mouth. So today while I was mindlessly staring at my computer screen and eating my lunch I was thinking about Dinner. We've said that we would try and start making more varied meals instead of our usual pish posh. The lettuce wraps all of a sudden came to my mind. It also fits into the clean eating challenge over at Sometimes Sweet. 
How did we do it? 
 2 boneless chicken breast
Veggies of choice
We used: baby tomatoes, peppers, zucchini or as english say "courgettes"
half a can of lentils
1 ice berg lettuce head
organic greek yogurt no sugar added.

Cooked the chicken in a pan with one spritz of baking spray
once cooked added the veggies. Lastly added the lentils. 
After all cooked I added a spoonful of Greek nonfat Yogurt and mixed it all together. 

While this was going on I had one sweet potato, broccoli and sugar snap peas on the steam in a pan. 
Also some Morrocan Cous Cous on the go for David. 

After the sweet potato and friends were cooked I removed the water and mashed all of the ingredients together. I added a small amount of Red Leceister Cheese for a bit of flavour. 

Cut a the lettuce head up and had everything on the table for grabs. 

Filled the lettuce pieces like you would a tortilla wrap. 

I know some of you are probably thinking what the heck is this girl doing. Please don't knock it till you try it. The crispness of the lettuce mixed with the warmth and texture of the chicken and veggies is amazing. 

I forgot how amazing sweet potato is. I really really want to give this sweet potato black bean burger recipe. It seems quite simple as well. 
Definitely also gonna give this four bean soup/chili a go as well. 

Do you have any healthy recipe that are too die for? 

Oh I almost forgot... ground breaking news. I, Tanja Aden baked cookies for my husband and solomely swear I didn't eat a single spoonful of the batch nor did I eat a cookie. NOW that is history. To be honest I really didn't think I would be able to do it. So many times have I said I wouldn't and I always end up just having one little try and then it's all downhill from there, but not today. So proud of myself. Especially because I'm starting to want to just swim in cookie dough mix. It's pretty much my biggest weakness. I would actually pick mix over baked cookies. 
Heather has already informed me that next week there will be none of this nuts and veggies jarg. So it seems Sangria, Mexican restaurants, froyo and cookie dough mix will be all up in my belly come next week. I will try my hardest to be good but still have some treats. We shall see how that goes..... 

Day three four four: 

Are you partaking in the February photo a day challenge? I am!

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  1. Okay your food photos are KILLING me! They look so good!


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