Tuesday, 31 January 2012


day 343 of 365:

Oh my goodness almost done with the pictures. I also have some great news that the blog is slowly but surely getting a make-over.  A real big make over like as in name change, design the works. I am so excited. I contacted Don over at  Adeline's Daddy after seeing his link on Sometimes Sweet. I really can't wait for the blog make over. It really needs it don't you think? I feel maybe even if the blog is more appealing and I even enjoy looking at it I will work harder on more substantial blog posts. Which also after the 365 blog post it won't be as little pointless posts here and there. Oh but don't you worry they will still find their way I'm sure. Can't get rid of them that easily ;).

I drink between 1.5 to almost 3 litres of water a day. I have quite a small bladder to begin with so I take a lot of potty breaks. 

I also eat probably way to many bell peppers. Anything that I make usually has to have peppers in it. Cooked or uncooked. I prefer the red and yellow to the green but I definitely wouldn't turn my head to a green one. 

In the process of booking my flight to go stateside in Jacksonville Florida to visit my cousin aka best friend Heather next week. As excited as I am to see Heather it's a bit heartbreaking the circumstances. Heather's father my Uncle Frank passed away two days ago. So as much as I really can't wait to see Heather and not have to wear my coat for a week I wish it wasn't under these terms. I just really wanna be there and have some girl time with my best friend. I just kind of need to find my American passport, I found my german one but that doesn't help me. If only Luna could find things I wanted her to unlike her finding my toothbrush in my gym bag and using it as a toy. Or taking my contact lens out of my gym bag and creating a hide and seek game for me in the morning. She's just too thoughtful. Now if only she could find that passport.....

Anyways Goodbye January see you next year. Bring on February. 

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