Friday, 13 January 2012

English is not the same as American English

Good Morning Everyone.
How are we doing? It's Friday so I feel that even if your day isn't 100% the pure fact that you have two days off to do whatever you want makes it a little better. Am I right or am I right? :)

So I skipped out on early gym session this morning and was able to see a bit of daylight.
This is another reason why alot of the pictures through out the week are quite boring and dark. I go to the gym when it's dark and straight to work and by the time we get home after work it's dark and gloomy.
I'm ready for early sunrise and late sunsets.
Alot of my favourite stores have launched their spring collections and all the websites are looking bright and cheerful. It gets me all giddy inside for summer time.
I really can't wait to wear a dress with sandals sans tights. Don't get me wrong I love tights and I pretty much live in my riding boots but I'm a gladiator flowy dress sunkissed skin kinda gal.

So after last night's post about my new "trainers" my mother commented on my facebook about how English I've become. I was thinking about it and slowly but surely I kind of have. There are some words that I don't think I could ever catch myself saying like purse for a wallet and not a ... purse. I remember once asking david to get something out of my purse and he pulled out my wallet. I thought well he's not gonna find it in there? hah.

Problem is with me, my mind is like a sponge. Say something enough around me and it just sticks.
Which sometimes can be a very annoying trait. Once I have one of those catch phrase or sayings it not only is soaked into my noggin it's then also on repeat constantly. A word I can think of that I use to much would be "fumin". Which means kind of like livid.

Example: I am fuming about the gym.

Other words I find myself now saying...
Bin-Trash can
Trainers-Tennis Shoes( I'm not playing tennis in them...)
Mobile- cell phone
Sometimes I don't even realize I'm now using these foreign words as
if I've always said them. I like it but then at the same time when I go back home I will feel a bit weird. I will realize people will look at me like my mother does when I say things sometimes. Utter confusion. Like I did when I first got here. Gob smacked at what these crazy cats where saying. You want to wear a vest with that? Ohhhhh you mean a tank top.
Anyways. A bit of a mrning ramble.
Drinking a bit too many of these this morning. I just love cold drinks so much more than warm drinks. I love this starbucks mug pam got me for christmas specially for cold drinks. :)

Some morning I just want a bit more sweet coffee but don't like putting loads of sugar in it but dont like if my coffee is too milky. I hate milk in general. I saw this in the supermarket and thought I'd give it a go. I love it. It's delicious. I ate it with my cereal and actualy didnt sift out all the milk. YUM.

I love my Lauren Conrad Style book. When Pinterest isn't cutting it for me I just open my little style book and look for some inspiration or tips. Although the title of the second book is Handmade Weddings it has lots of cute things you could do for decoration around your house.

Isn't this tray amazing? Pam gave us a set of two when we moved in.

Now I really should get to work and get my Insurance on.

Hope you have a lovely day.
As they say round here.
Ta ra la.

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