Friday, 13 January 2012

would you rather?

Why Don't this article and feel better about yourself
A few links I ran across today that kind of made my day.

resolutions for people in their 20s. Quite funny.

30 things to stop doing to yourself STOP. Seriously guys this is amazing. Well put and such great advice.

tips for brilliant women

So there is this lovely lady named Danielle from Sometimes Sweet. She's a tattooed momma who does  Tattoo Tuesday and wrote a lovely article over at Hello Giggles on being visibly tattooed in a world that isnt and also on being a mom and having tattoos. I have recently been thinking about adding onto my camera on my arm. It seems a bit bland and I'd like to make it a bit more intricate and girly. No I'm not trying to get a sleeve but still alot of the Tattoo Tuesday blog posts have inspired me to just do it.

Would you rather..

Waste your time on facebook or put your laptop down turn your phone, television and any other electrical item off or on silent light a candle and just relax.

Have and apple or an orange.

Wake up and seize the day or lay in bed and wake up in your 30s wondering where life passed you by.

Think about doing something and the moment passing by or just doing it.

Trying and failing or never trying and never knowing.

Give advice but never listen or give advice and live by it.

Have a million fake friends or surround yourself with people who mean something.

Follow the crowd or be true to yourself and be unique.

Have a happy friday gang.

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