Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy Birthday Gemma

Day 326 of 365:
So today David and I went into Liverpool to get some work clothes for the both of us. I was looking for some shoes like this mornings blog post. I had no such luck although the mister snagged some really good deals :). 
Also found some new vintage places in Liverpool that I had lost and or have newly opened. Has anyone been to the new Pop Boutique on bold street? It's so good. I did like the one in Queens Square but I love the layout of the new one. 
Wondering why to shop vintage? My friend Kaitlyn did a blog post on why. Go and have a read here. GO I tell you. Hurry :). 

Now as you all know it's Gemma's Birthday today. Paul and Gem had us around theres for a meal and I baked cookies, Pam baked cupcakes and Gemma baked some brownies. Needless to say I've been naughty today. 

Happpppppppppppy Biiiiirrrrtttthhhhhdaaaaaaaaay again Gemma. Hope your first birthday as Mrs. Aden was everything you wanted it to be :) 

I'm also about to devour this beauty in about T minus 5 minutes. Or maybe it's already gone? Whhhooops. 

Take care everyone. See you tomorrow. Is it really already Sunday? NOOOOOOO that means its almost Monday. 

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