Thursday, 26 January 2012


Day three thirty eight has not been a good day. I seemed to completely wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I have half a post that I began writing this morning but it will just have to wait. Going to head to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I wake up on the other side. 

Although it was a bad day I did not come home and just consume loads of bad things for myself and then only make matters worse. I actually stuck with the plan. Came home whisked three egg whites, a whole egg, a tomato, sun dried tomato, spinach, artichoke and a small i mean small piece of red leciester cheese together and cooked that thing until it was nice and cooked for my belly. 

Then I ate it and although it didn't kick any feel good endorphins, my only problem is my day NOT that I came home and tried to mask things with half a jar of peanut butter and chocolate. I do agree that sometimes that is all that will cut it and those times are good.  I just seem to make that a habit TOO much that I want to get out of it. 

I also by no means am trying to have a boohoo on me feel bad wahhhhhhhhhh negative blog post. That is also why I'm not listing the flaws of this Thursday. As even though it may not have been the best...... IT could always always always be worse. That is what I keep in mind. 

See you tomorrow. More chirp and cheerful. 

Have a lovely night. 

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