Wednesday, 25 January 2012


 Howdy yall. How is everyone? Hopefully well! So I've been really wanting to try to make the above. I've seen them all over blogs. Seems to be all the craze. Seeing as I pretty much love all vegetables and that is mostly what I eat, I have been wanting to change the way I cook things a little bit. So I stumbled upon this recipe over at Food Coma's blog. I didn't use any of the balsamic vinegar I actually used left over juice from sauerkraut and a small drizzle of e. virgin olive oil.

I've been really trying to start eating healthier (I know my husband will roll his eyes here because he things all I do is eat vegetables and fruit) The thing is the half a tub of peanut butter I eat when he's not in the room or my lack of self control when baking doesn't really make for healthy eating. I think sweet things would be good in moderation but for some reason I will cut them out for a while and then I will crack but when I do crack it's not just like a small litlte something here or there it's like the whole pantry. It's kind of embarassing and I know I'm doing it when I'm doing it. Then you feel bad for all the bad things consumed. If only I had just limited the sweets from time to time and indulged a little here and ther instead of completely cutting them out. Or eating just vegetables here and there and then feeling very hungry and munching out. I'd like to eat more sustainable meals with healthy proteins and fiber.  So when I headed over to Sometimes Sweet blog and saw her sugar free me post about her highs and lows and sometimes feeling depressed and sad it struck a bit of a nerve.

She is going to be starting a challenge each week of healthy food eating to go with what she is currently doing via her naturopath. I don't know if I could cut out fruits as I probably eat 2 apples, an orange sometimes even a banana a day. I do want to try and challenge myself. Even if I don't succeed I'd love to atl east give it a go. I don't really eat much processed food, we don't drink soda and we hardly ever eat out. We don't even own salt. My only problem is the sugar in take. So who's up for the challenge?

Saying that I also happened to come across New Roots raw brownie recipe which has inspired to maybe start baking/cooking with more raw ingredients. Take what I've been doing to the next level. That means NO Nutella, or peanut butter. More like raw almond butter or making your own nut butter, using coconut oil instead of regular oil. Using walnuts instead of brown sugar, or using healthier forms of flour(if not almond flour) instead of white flour.

Anyways none of that may make sense as I feel I probably rambled alot.

Day 337 of 365:

I love a collared shirt under a sweater. It's probably one of my favourites. I am uber excited about tomorrow. The big blonde plunge. Hopefully it turns out. Pictures to follow :)

Good night all.


  1. Yummy! Your blog always makes me hungry for healthy food!

  2. Oh this makes me happy :) I love healthy food. I am so glad I do. Makes up for all the bad that I like also ;)


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