Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So it's only two more days of being a brunette. (for awhile anyways) I am actually kind of nervous because I usually just go gradually into the blonde stage month by month when making the switch. The little issue with that is my hair is way short in the back and it would look spiky so..... we are colouring the whole head blonde and then sifting darker color through it so it's not just all blonde. Above are some of my favourite blondes. Some i'm sure you could have guessed. Michelle Williams- ADORE. Rachel McAdams, Lauren Conrad, Kate Winslet, The Olsens, Jennifer Aniston( Ummm hair perfection), Carey Mulligan(ofcoures), Kirsten Dunst, and the late Brittany Murphy. 

Day 336:

I make cakes from time to time for one of our colleagues kids. It's my way of being able to try my new recipes and also not end up eating them all with them being in our house. :) Win Win situation. 

Today's cupcakes were made with Nutella/banana instead of butter, reduced the sugar in the recipe since nutella has lots of it, eggs, plain flour, vanilla extract, cinnamon, baking powder and milk. The icing was made with butter and icing sugar and some spiced chai mix. Also half of the cupcakes were iced with marshmallow icing mix I made but they did not make for the prettiest of pictures they just look like shiny nothings. lol 

Summer seems so far away could anyone maybe speed up the time to warmth, tans and sunshine. I can't wait to be laying on the beach with my family this summer. 

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