Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hello my dumplings.
Dumplings? What does that even mean and why did it even come from? Maybe my mind is a bit off at the shock that my birthday is in like an hour. Birthdays are funny aren't they? Imagine a world without them. No thank you. It's odd as a kid you count down the days, weeks, months even to your birthday. Have a nice themed party where all your fellow friends come around and you wear party hats and play games pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and this game that I am pretty sure my mom made up. It consisted of me being blind folded while I crawl on the floor trying to find this present. Beating with a wooden spoon at everything in front of me as my party guests yell hot or cold. As much fun as I was having I can only imagine my poor friends, bad enough they have to watch me open presents. No no I think everyone had a go and my mom had little presents for all the guests. My mom was always a star when it came to birthdays. Whatever phase in my life I was going through she made sure to have every detail to the tee. One year I was in this mega alien phase and my mom baked all day to make an alien cake from scratch it looked soo ace!! Now as the years add on and the wrinkles will begin to appear birthdays are just a reminder of getting older. As much as it scares me I am in no way upset. I find something lovely about growing older. I might not say the same whenever my daughter or son is turning 24 and I then wonder where THOSE years went. For now though I am going to sit back and enjoy this amazing thing called life.

Day 267 of 365:

I did it againe. I had the urge to bake without writting down the recipe. These little cookies were quite the treat. My inspiration Bananas. 
I mixed some butter, sugar together, beat in an egg, put in some vanilla extract, baking powder,cinnamon(ofcourse) flour, mashed half a banana, cocoa powder, a packet of apple and cinnamon oatmeal. 

30 minutes left of being 23. Holy moly. 

Good night my readers. 

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