Thursday, 17 November 2011

Howdy partners. How is everyone doing today? I'm doing pretty good. Woke up to David waking me up telling me he had taken the day off for my birthday. Yippee. He had also decorated the house while I was still asleep. I got a lot of lovely presents from husband, family and friends. It was my first birthday married, in our new house with baby luna as well. I got a phone call from my Mom and Jim which is always lovely to hear their voices. Helen came by after work and had a cuppa tea and a catch up and I received lots of lovely messages. It's been a really good day. My mom found some of my past birthday pictures but with time difference I won't be able to post them tonight so I shall post them tomorrow. She even found a picture of that alien cake I told you about. I had a 

Day 268 of 365:

My birthday in a few instagrams.
When I first looked at my phone this was on Instagram :) Thank you Clarebear.

Came home after our meal to cake and wine. Thanks to my husband. :) 24 bloody candles yall. 

Luna helping me blow out my candles

My first wife birthday card <3

We went for a lovely meal at Jamies Kitchen in Liverpool with Pam, Jim, Paul and Gemma (next week the ADENS :). Liverpool is so lovely lit up I think our eyes are closed in this but still wanted a picture of the both of us for today. 

Right I have one minute. I've ate way too  much cake and can barely move. 
Speak tomorrow. 

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