Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The sun may rise in the east atleast it settles in the final location

Soooo Traffic happened which means I am a bit late on Tuesdays photo of the day. I am on cloud nine right now after that gig though that I cannot even be down on myself. Tonight was so beyond epic I can't even describe it. I never ever would have thought I would not only get to see them live but be so close to Anthony Kiedis. Like I could practically smell his sweat. 

Who would have thought that when we were posing in front of the massive RHCP poster in my living room before our first date.
 That we would be going to see them LIVE as a married couple. 

When Under the Bridge came on I embarassingly almost cried. I remember sitting with my best friend Emily watching Anthony Kiedis on youtube sing this on the streets of California. There we were tonight and it wasn't on my computer. 
I'll upload a few videos and more pictures tomorrow but for now I shall end the post so I'm not THAT late on my post :) 

Day 266 of 365:

Day 266 was a VERY good day. 

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