Thursday, 3 November 2011

Are you worrying too much? How about reading this fabulous advice.
With the cold weather upon us is your skin feeling a bit dry? You should follow me and take these vows.
Do you ever feel that with the cold weather your hiding behind a coat? Want to dress it up? 
Favourite thing about chilly nights are snuggling up to my personal heater David. Since I am not a hot chocolate fan I will be trying this Spiced Apple Cider recipe.

So I thought I will slowly introduce wedding pictures. 
I'd like to introduce you to my Maid of Honor Heather. 
First off how stunning does she look?!? Although we are technically only cousins I feel as if she is a sister. I couldn't have imagined a better more perfect person to be my Maid of Honor. She literally was an absolute star. We would probably still be getting things done if she weren't there. Heather made sure to put me in my place whenever I needed it. Her birthday was spent having heart burn and modge podging wine bottles. She took stand when she knew I was trying to be too easy going to do. We spent hours in the day tasting champagne and sipping cider. It was so unreal to have her here and be apart of my life for longer than a week. One of these days we will live just around the corner from each other and I cannot wait. 

Seriously Heather you went above and beyond to help David and I out. It really was so amazing to wake up in the morning and have you there along with everyone else. We are so different yet so alike. You fit right in with my mates and they loved you. You get my issues and you can be there without even saying anything. You know exactly what I'm thinking. I love you so much and wish you were still here. I promise next time you come I will take you everywhere and anywhere across England. Hopefully next time your here though won't be a visit. You will be moving here. I miss you more than I can even describe and I admire your drive and devotion to school. I can't wait til we are  together again. I don't feel like I can describe or write enough of how much I Love you cuz. 

Day 255 of 365:
Our kettle broke the other day and Father in Law surprised us today with a pretty new one :) 

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