Tuesday, 18 October 2011

So who's in festive spirit for Halloween? WE ARE! 
We did something I've been wanting to do for years. Oddly enough I was going to put it as my facebook status yesterday morning. 
We went to the grocery store today and in the vegetable aisle there were none other than..... PUMPKINS!!!! David and I looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking. So we both picked out our pumpkins, David took about 45 minutes just to pick the perfect one and then griped the whole way through the store how he doesn't know if he got the right one. Then when we got home..."I knew I should have got a more round one".... MEN! 
Mine and David's pumpkins before hand. 

AFTER!!!! Mine looks a bit like a dog instead of cat. David's is embarassingly amazing. That's not a slight sense of jealousy at all. ;) No I am really proud of my husband, who so claims to "have no creative talent what so ever." It was so much thinking this is the first of so many years to come. Now there are two but later on down the road it will be 3 and possibly even 4. Who knows :) but that's a few years to come now so no one get all excited or think that is an announcement or anything like that. Only baby we are having anytime soon is baby Luna. 

To add onto the excitement for the day I purchased and Ecourse with Elsie Larson of  A Beautiful Mess and owner of the vintage shop Red Velvet. Someone who inspires me to really go out there and do what I want to with my life. I have been wanting to take one of her many amazing courses for awhile and when my mother sent me birthday money I knew I wanted to put it to good use. You can check out her many E-courses here . 
I cannot even describe how excited I am to get started on some dress making and sewing projects. Look out world ;). 

On an that note if you are in the Arkansas area and like the idea of vintage/handmade why not check out my friend Kaitlyn's (another inspiring store owner) shop Stitch. Even if do a bit of handmade dabbling but haven't been able to reallly get your products out there, hit Kaitlyn up. She's always looking for vintage handmade items to add to her ever growing shop. Show some love and like her page!

Day 239 of 365:

I'm really liking my hair at the moment. It doesnt show really how dark it is in this picture. 
I am so glad I went ahead and colored it again though. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday.

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