Monday, 17 October 2011

A little recap from last night Clare and I's pints. We went to Santa Chupitos which always has nice little cocktails going about to select from. Also always really good songs going on in the background. After that we headed to this AMAZING place called the Shipping Forecast. Which is probably one of my new favourite places. It was all ship like ironic as it might be. The ladies room had like full ship like music. If anyone can remember the old Super Mario brothers when you get to the ship and have to beat the bad guy? That music was what it reminded me of. It had such a really cool vibe about it.  So there is this show on english television called Hollyoaks. We don't watch it but we received some messages that there was a bit wedding episode today and guess where it was at??? Thornton Manor! I know it's not that big of a deal but it was just kind of cool seeing where we got married on television. Random needless fact for the day :p

Day 238 of 365:

 We took menus last night and I put it up on our pinboard today cause I liked the styley of it. 
I hope everyones Monday was good. 

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