Sunday, 16 October 2011

Good afternoon yall. How was everyone's Sunday? Recovering from any heavy weekend fun? Or is it just lay on the coach and watch Toy Story day? Maybe even a bit of Angels in the Outfield?
In the Aden household it was both the latter .
We sat around drinking tea and coffee while watching films and being sucked into our laptops.

We also indulged in a little new snack that we are kind of loving at the moment. Kale Chips. Yes it may look weird and sound odd but they are fabulous.

 I read about Kale sometime in a magazine and have always wanted to have a little try thinking I would be disappointed. So last time we went grocery shopping we saw Kale in the vegetable section.
We washed and sprinkled a bit of curry powder on them, turned the heat up in the oven waited about 12 minutes and Viola you have a crispy healthy treat. People claim it's an alternative to crisps(chips to my american friends) but I don't agree. I think they taste nothing like crisps. Which I am fine with because I am ok without eating crisps.

Then I was thinking what would we be doing if we were at my mom's on a Sunday? Probably wake up to the smell of my mom's pancakes. What a lovely idea Tanja. So I mixed a little flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, eggs, baking powder, and milk together and let there be pancakes. If your English and reading this no I don't mean your pitiful excuse for pancakes. I mean real thicker pancakes. OK so they weren't as fluffy as a down comforter but they were fluffier than a flapjack. I also spilt the milk while pouring it into the bowl and it reminded me of this one time I went to stay at my friends house. The next morning while sitting at the table with her family for breakfast we were pouring cereal in the bowls and then came the milk. Her mother asked if I wanted some help. Stubborn from birth I said no that's ok I can do it. As I lift the jug and it slips from my hands and all over the breakfast table on everyone's breakfast. WHAT?!? I was only trying to kill 2 birds with one stone. Help everyone with milk and myself at the sametime. ;)

 A few links to share.

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How about in the mood to make or create something? Why not head over to that lovely pinterest site and go to the DIY section, where loads of diy ideas, how tos, tips and tricks are at your finger tips.

Day 237 of 365

Wanna know how I have my pancakes and why? Well I have mine with peanut butter and syrup because as a little girl I saw my dad doing it. I wanted to bake them like Mom and eat them like Dad. 

They have to be stacked 3 and then peanut butter in between each and just a small bit of syrup on the top. 
Oh yes I know it sounds utterly healthy. Thank goodness for that gym membership I will be putting to use again tomorrow. 

How do you have your pancakes? Do you prefer them fluffy or thin? Single or stacked? Syrup or no? Blueberries or Chocolate chips? The options are endless but I want to know your choice.
Now I must go and hurry and get ready. Double date tonight with Clare and Scott. Going into town and listening to a bit of some good music a few beers.
See you later alligator. 

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