Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hi gang. How was everyone's Saturday? Mine was abosolutely lovely. I like spending the day with David. I'd like to welcome David to the world of having a phone. David got a phone today finally. After two years he cracked. I have contacts again, I also found out that my eye sight has gotten worse. No surprise there. The weather was absolutely gorgeous; a bit chilly but the sun was out so it looked pretty. Do you guys remember my missing home post a few days back about missing caramel apple suckers at this time of the year. Well I just so conveniently received a little care package from my mother today.
Like are like a sweet caramel bit and then the bitterness of the apple comes through. 
OH MY GOSH it's amazing. I wish I were a kid and could go trick or treating this halloween. Ahhh being a kid and being able to literally eat bags and bags of candy and not caring. :p

May look odd but its oddly lovely.

Check out me new kicks I got today. Sadly the boots I wanted have sold out not only in stores but online now as well. Talk about boner kill. Womp womp womp. 

Momma Heffner deserves thanks all around for todays treasures :D

Day 236 of 365:
A nice day out with the husband :) 

Woohoooo for contacts!
Anyone have any big weekend plans?Tell me!!

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