Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Anyone else carving pumpkins? I'd like to see your images of how they turned out. I really hope you didn't throw away the seeds. Oh didn't you know? Yes you can wash them, throw a bit of olive oil on them and a spice/seasoning of your choice throw them in the oven and presto another little snack.

Pumpkin carving not enough for your festive fix? How about this fun nail art DIY. 

                                                   Credit from Lauren Conrad's Beauty Blog here.

So I have been on a massive making things from scratch kick lately. From the pancakes the other day, to homemade humus yesterday; then today I made homemade burgers for David. Yes I who hates red meat made husband homemade burgers. How might you ask? A package of mince beef, one egg, half chopped onion, dab of olive oil and I put fajita seasoning in but that is ofcourse optional. Mix together, form small patties,  let set in fridge for about 15 minutes, heat pan with some olive, place patty in and wait a good while before flipping it. I am a big eager beaver when it comes to cooking and usually never wait but while the bottoms of the burgers were cooking I was busy making this.

Homemade Sherbert Ice cream.
I put a handful of frozen mango and a handful of black currants in a blender, a cup of ice and about a half a cup of of icing sugar (powdered sugar for the Americans) give or take. Mixed and put in the freezer to chill. Oh yeah and I added a dash of Coconut rum for a bit of extra flavour. Literally a dash.

My my I must say it is pretty yummy.

To compliment it David and I have been wine testing lately for nice cheap white wine, that doesn't taste cheap. Amazingly enough we found this at the cheapest and its by far one of the best ones. David didn't even have to really have any lemonade with it either. At Two Pounds 99 yes TWO POUNDS AND 99p. It's sweet and fruity. Ofcourse it's German.

Day 240 of 365:
Man it really is getting cold out there isn't it? I don't mind winter if days look as beautiful as today. I just dread grey dreary days. 
No other caption needed :)

Have a lovely Wednesday check back tomorrow. 

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