Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hello my lovelies how are you guys doing? I have something I need to admit. I am actually excited about the cold weather for once. I need to get a warmer coat but I am excited to experiment with colored tights and scarves, hats and maybe I'll even go all out and wear gloves. It'll have to get really really drastic for it to turn to gloves though. I hate gloves about as much as I hate socks. Ergh. I don't know why I am weird like that.

I've decided to really try and be more bold and colorful with what I wear. Also to try and wear the first thing that I pick out of closet and wear it with confidence. Random: I really like when you find something in your closet that you forgot you had. It's like buying something new.

Today my tattoo fever has reallly kicked in. I'm itching for another tattoo. I was doing a few doodles and what not and I'm thinking I want something like this...

Ok I realize I'm not Van Gogh but I want something along these lines. I also kind of want to add onto the camera I have. I just love tattoos. I wish I was more artistic and I'd totally kill to be a tattoo artist. How cool would that be? 
I've been also obsessing that in 20 days we are going to see the Arctic Monkeys(David's all time fave band) and I researched who were supporting them and it's the Vaccines whom I had sadly never heard of. 
I googled them and literally have been playing them non stop since. 

I love this music video as well. It's so sick.

After David got off work we caught the train to town to go to Leaf for a little coffee date. 
Sly little picture snap of Dave on the train. 
Peter and Helen actually ended up meeting us in Leaf which was wonderful as we haven't seen each other in ages. 
Ahhhhhh I probably won't be able to sleep tonight because I've had 6 cups of black coffee today. Oh well I have a few things that I need to get done anyhow. 

Day 241 of 365:

Sooooo I kind of have really small feet. I am also absolutely loving these shoes.
So glad my mom knew exactly what I wanted ;). 

Did anyone else read on yahoo about that couple that had been together for 72 years and died holding each others hands? Had the funeral service in the same casket and after cremated their ashes were mixed together? What a sweet story.

What if tomorrow were your last day? How would you want to spend it?
I dare you to do something out of the ordinary or that scares you tomorrow.
Say hello to a random stranger. 
That homeless person that you've just passed? Go back and give them some spare change. Even if it is just 20p. While your at it give THEM a hello and a smile.
Tell someone they are beautiful. 

Ciao gang. 

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