Monday, 10 October 2011

So everyone still oogling over Luna? We in the Aden house still are. We keep looking at the picture and oohing and ahhing. So excited for her to be here. 
So how was everyone's Monday? 
Mine was pretty good got a lot done on my to do list. 

I've been trying to plan out blog posts so that there is more going on. Also more non personal stuff like how tos, diying, bride tips and tricks, hair, make up and fashion. 

On another note I am really wantingo to do the Ombre again. It's faded sooooo much you can't even really tell it's ombre'd. I want to go a more darker color this time and try and stay away from anything that looks red. 

I have finally scheduled an eye exam to get some contacts. I haven't been able to go to the gym really because I am very close to blind without my glasses and I'm not running on the treadmill with my glasses. I fidget enough when I'm running I don't need added pushing my glasses up every 2 seconds. 
Blahhhhhhhh. I also would like a gym partner to go to the gym with me. 
I dont mean like dress alike, do the same exact thing and gab gab gab but just someone to keep acountable. 
Motivate each other. 

Day 231 of 365:
As I said I got alot of things done today that were on my to do list. I had to post the top picture for Heather and ask if she misses us. Us being decopaging and I; because it wasn't the same without her. 
I also am meeting up with Clare tomorrow and she loves peanut butter about as much as I do so I made her some cookies. I'll have you know they are a recipe I came up with all on my own :) 

Take care yall. David and I are going to catch up on the new season of Dexter. 

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