Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hi gang how are we doing today? Staying dry in this wet weather? I went into town to hand out some CVs and also meet up with Clare. Which always turns out very good. We have a few things coming up that I must same I am so very excited about. I can't spoil any surprises just yet.  I had a special DIY blog post planned for today but when I went to do it I didn't realize I have lost all my string. I will go to my trusty mother-in-law's tomorrow and solve that problem. :)

So about the OMBRE. I'm so confused at what I want to do. I like the colors going on in my hair right now I just wish it were further in the process. I want the more dark!!!
I don't know why it's rotated my image that way but hey ho what can ya do. 
Here you can see my natural roots growing through and then the faded reddish brown after it. 
I really can't decide what to do. I wanna be patient and wait but at the same time I really doubt I can do that, I am just worried if I do it again that I'll jinx it or something. It went so well the first time, it would be bond to ruin next time. What do you guys think? Leave it or be spontaneous? I mean it is just hair right? You only live once. I think I may go for it. I'll go and have a look at colors tomorrow and see how that goes. IDK IDK IDK.... I'm so indecisive.

Man I hope Saturday gets here fast. (My eye appointment) I mean it's been nice letting my eyes breathe from my contacts but this last week I've been getting such bad head aches from wearing the glasses. 
I attempted wearing the old contacts today and am in such agony now. Why couldn't I have gotten my mothers eye sight? She has 20/20 vision that lucky lady. 

Did you know that in a mere 5 weeks I am going to be 24!!! 
Yes I said 24.
I can't quite believe it either.
I'm going to make a list of 24 things I want to do before I turn 25. 

I thought I'd share my Top 5 used Iphone Apps:
WhatsAppMessenger- A messaging app that lets you send text,picture and video messaging. You pay one fee to download it and after that it's all free.
Instagram- Free Photo app that lets you edit your photo with different vintage like filters. 
Pinterest- As if I'm not on it enough on my laptop.
Dictionary- Pretty self explanatory. I am kind of a nerd and like words of the day and finding new words to add into my daily vocab. Today's word is jaundiced: affected with or exhibiting prejudice,as from envy or resentment. 
Facebook- I can't describe how ashamed of this I am. I really would like to delete my facebook but living a million miles away from family and friends it makes it easier to keep up. I would like to work on limiting my time on this. 
Please let me know what your favourite Iphone apps are. 

I've also recently started getting Podcasts! I never really knew what they were or understood them. It's not really all that complicated I know. That's how ignorant I was. It's brilliant. I have downloaded a Coffee Break French Podcast so who knows maybe in a month I could be speaking 3 languages. 
Oh let's not get ahead of ourselves now. 
Day 232 of 365:
Handsome hubby looking at play stations and toys for Luna. He'll kill me when he sees this. 

Have a lovely night. Fingers crossed for DIY or Ombre tomorrow. More likely the DIY. 

Speak tomorrow my lovelies.

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