Sunday, 9 October 2011

My my Stephen Fry is so amazing. We are watching Stephen Fry's "Fry's Planet Word". It's just mind boggling, as David said last week; SO INTERESTING. I could sit and listen to him talk all day long. I reckon he would be such a boss person to have a pint with. Does anyone else watch this? What is your opinion on swear words? How about the "n" word and "q" word? Tell me your thoughts! Does anyone watch QI? Or have you read The Book of General Ignorance? "This book is filled with lots of little questions which you think you know the answer to - some of the answers are just to obvious, or so it would seem." 

Now if you excuse me I must get back to the show. I don't want to miss anymore.
But if you have some time why not go check out Stephen Fry's blog out here.

                                                                     230 of 365

Are you prepared to have your heart melt? David and I went to visit Georgina's today to meet our little new addition. Isn't she just adorable? We believe we will name her Luna. 
Among many reasons including Mythology, Astrology & Harry Potter. 
Also while I was thinking about it wasn't Sailor Moon's cat named Luna? Did anyone watch that show as a child? What happened to it? I used to LOOOOVE Sailor Moon. 

She's so precious isn't she? At just about 3 weeks she is tiny. We can't wait to bring her home with us. 

Fair the well for now. 
See you tomorrow my loves. 

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