Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wow, has it really been ten years? It's insane how my heart still pulls when just thinking about it as you see the footage on the television, reading the articles throughout the week and see the heart breaking pictures. I didn't lose anyone personally on that day but the pain and anguish for those who have is nothing less than immense. 
Hearing how heros arose, wives became widows, and children became parentless is unreal. How cruel and unfair such events to lose such a wide number of the human race. 
I was in Basketball when it happened and was walking to my second period class when students who had been in a "real" first period were all talking, faces that read confusion and fear. A friend said the world trade centers have been hit, as well as the pentagon. I was so confused. What do you mean HIT? What is going on? The rest of the day, week even the hours were spent glued to the tv hoping more survivors were found, hoping that maybe this hadn't actually happened. 
9-11 pains me, but it pains me even more to think of those who were personally affected by it. Having to relive it over and over again. I mean we all have those specific dates were we lost loved ones, things that remind us however; we dont have a week leading up to it. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to the television I dont think. Ah I just can't even go into how my heart goes out to those.
2 years ago we actually visited ground zero and it was just chilling. The words and pictures on the walls, was like Anne Frank's house. You just keep reading not believing this could be real. 
A day never forgotten. Those lives who were lost are all heros. (excluding the terrorists obviously)

Day 202 of 365:
I would like to say a quick little shout out to Carla for today is her 21st birthday. 
I also would like to state that about 10 minutes after blogging last night, wine glasses still half full we passed out infront of the television. It's official. We are boring. hahah

Let's all take a moment today to think of those who were affected by 9-11. 
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Another week. 
Tomorrow is my Mother in Law Pam's birthday :) 

Bye y'all!

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