Monday, 12 September 2011

(photograph thanks to pinterest search:wind)
Now we all know I am no fan of the cold. 
I must say though that I've always had a thing for wind. 
No matter how rattled it makes my hair there is just something about the whisper of it as it goes by and swishes back around and engulfs you in its arms. It's almost like it has something to say. Something so envigorating and amazing about it. Weird I know. 
If your not in England than you haven't been experiencing our gail winds today. 
I've loved the sound of it trying to find the holes between buildings and cars to make its way around. 
It's been a very crisp and chilly day. Beautiful blue cloudy skys with the sun finding its way through silver lining, air that fills your lungs deep and refreshing. 
I am determined to find some amazing fall/winter purchases this year. 
I do like getting in bed, sheets cold at the touch then David gets in and its like a personal furnace. 
I love my husband. I love life. 
I am very determined this week to get things done. 
Im so awful at procrastinating, I really am. 
I try so hard to be organized and have lists and then I make lists of the lists I've already made. Only causing more disappointment that the list doesnt get shorter. 
I need Heather here to get on my ass to get stuff done. 
I had David drop me off at the gym before work today. 
As much as I hated getting up at 7:15, I much prefer working out with the elder ladies compared to girls my age. There just seems less tension and its all about smiles and cute little gossip. If that makes sense. 
I am going to attempt to start swimming as well after gym sessions and possibly start yoga/pilates again, but actually stick to the routine. Like Helen's Keep Fit class. 
We went out for Pam's birthday today. :) 
Speaking of Mothers, mine currently has a cold and I just want to jump on the next flight and sit on the couch with her and my cat. 
David and I are looking into getting a kitty. 
Is it wrong that we feel like we are cheating on Pele(our cat at my moms). 
We are going to try and get him over her but we still want another addition. 
A female. 

Day 203 of 365:

Hopefully we will have another addition soon but as for our newest member in the Aden house is this lovely owl pillow my mother sent among many lovely little owl decor for our new home. 

Hope everyone has had a lovely Monday. 

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For some reason the question isn't showing up. I dont know if thats just my computer? The question is what would you like to be reading more of on my blog? 

Take care yall. 

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