Tuesday, 13 September 2011

 Bon soir comment allez vous?
You could probably say I have to take a poop in French and it would sound like music to the ears. I wanna learn French. It's such a beautiful language. 
I was looking through old pictures on facebook today and I came across this.
A picture from the day of our first date. This was in Tandie and I's house. Who knew nearly 3 years later we'd be going to a RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS concert!!! Better yet, married & going to RHCP concert. :)
November is going to be such an exciting month this year. We are going to a RHCP concert, then a week later going to Artic Monkeys concert, then my birthday, Gemma and Paul's wedding, and our first official fake thanksgiving in the house. :) 

Wooohoooo our Sky HD got installed today. 

Day 204 of 365:

Little look into my purse. An empty waterbottle, topshop eyeliner, iPod, eye lash curler tangled in head phones, 5 gum, no7 mineral make up, vintage change purse and an old train ticket from 2days after the wedding when we went into Liverpool. 

Top picks currently on my iPod:
1. Carla Bruni- Quelqu'un M'a Dit (OBSESSED)
2. Hall & Oats- You make my dreams come true
3. Ray Lamontagne- Trouble
4. Neil Young-Harvest Moon (our first dance)
5. Example- Change the way you kiss me
6. Fleetwood Mac-Big Love
Later gators. See you tomorrow

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