Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chello friends. 
How was everyones day? 
I woke up this morning, went into the bathroom to brush my teefies and it smelt so bad in their. I thought David had left a little naughty surprise before going to work this morning or something. Then the further the day carried on the more and more I smelt it. Not just in the bathroom but in the kitchen as well. I began thinking it was me. Self consciously putting deoderant on about every 5 minutes and spraying myself an obnoxious amount before heading out. The minute I stepped out of the building though it hit me like a brick wall. It seems we live by farmers fields and they had just put fertilizer on the fields. Wow. Not strong at all. Thank goodness wasn't David. ;) 

Headed to the train station which is just up the road from ours. 


Did a little look round and then met the husband at Leaf. It was so cool meeting him somewhere. If you didnt know, I do not drive here. No way, no how. I am left hand incapable and there is no way I trust my life let alone any other lives on the road with my left hand changing gear. Best just sticking to public transport for me. Anywho, it was cute meeting him somewhere that he hadn't drove us to. I just love the feel of inside the city. Especially leaf. I know I am so gaga for this place but I can't even help it. 

We had a few blue moons, dinner and good conversation. 
David had a chicken salad sandwhich & tomato red pepper soup and I had a hummus red pepper sandwhich with carrot and corriander soup extra olives. 
Insert picture here. 
I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture til mid meal. 

Day 204 of 365: 
Blue moon I saw you standing allooooneee. ;) 

See yas tomorrow!!!

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