Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hello my friends. 
Oh my eyes are killing. 
I think I got something on a contact or something that has literally scraped my eyes. 
Both of my eyes look like I have pink eye and its resulting in massive head ache. 
I've been wearing my glasses for past few days to try and help the matter but I don't think my eyes are used to not having contacts in so its actually irritating my eyes even more.

Today I had a random idea for tea (for the americans"dinner" yes they call dinner tea here. and lunch dinner. THAT took some getting used to). So here in the Aden household we really like pizza. The problem is the dough I make makes like two MASSIVE pizzas which basically  just all gets eaten. I wanted to make a bit of a lighter version for us to satisfy hunger but not set us OVER the edge. 
So what I did was made crumpet pizzas. 
Not knowing how they would exactly turn out. 
They really are probably one of my new favourite Aden creations. 
How did we do this you ask? 
A pack of Warburtons crumpet.
Mushrooms. Chicken. Peppers. Cherry Tomatos. Mozarella. 
Sundried Tomato Pesto mixed with a spoonful of  Tomato pasta sauce.
Spread the mixed sauce on top of the crumpet.
Put your chosen ingredients on top.
Place in oven.
Keep an eye depending on how you like your pizza normally. 
Left ours in about 15 minutes on 245 C
We both like ours a bit crispy. 
This worked perfectly. 
The outisde was crispy and the inside was smooth.
Give it a try and tell me what you think :). 

Day 214 of 365:
Drinking some Pimm's tonight while watching x-factor with husband and my lame pink eyes :( 
Pimms reminds me of our wedding. 
Can we PLEASE go back? 

Have a sweet Saturday my lovelies. 

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