Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 212 of 365:

Hiya! How is everyone today? I'm just lovely. 
I've had a very nice day I must say. 
Woke up( didn't go to the gym because was sore so decided I'd go tomorrow morning) cleaned the house a bit, got ready and went into Liverpool. 
I spoke to my dear friend Helen who has a lovely new job and she also made my day much better. 
I barely made the train. As I was walking over the bridge I saw the train coming and had to run and as I walked up it stopped. That's what I call timing. For once. 
Although I got shin splints from walking really fast/slow run. Wimp I know. 
I hate shin splints.
After getting in Liverpool I had a little walk around and then headed to Leaf. 
Got a nice little speck and just got on the laptop and did a bit of planning. 
Then after work Clare met up with me for our coffee date. 
I have been so looking forward to this and it was just amazing. 
We never realized how much in common we have. 
We didn't really want our date to end because we both couldn't stop talking. 
She's actually really inspired me and I think we have a few exciting plans in the future. 
We've decided to make our little meet a weekly thing.

Took a little snap while Claire was in the restroom. I got carrot cake (which I shouldn't have) which was devine and Claire got the brownie. I think I knew it was meant to be when she ordered a  black coffee(same as me). A woman after my own heart. 

Wohooo Gemma's Hen do next weekend. I'm so excited.

Well that's my day. 
Now I'm  just listening to David and James yell at each other and the television screen as they play Fifa on the xbox. Like children they are. 

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