Thursday, 4 August 2011

Well I did have a little something planned for my blog today but something else came in.

In the inbox of my email.
An email from someone very dear to me.
Where do I even begin.
When we first met we literally hated each other.
There were a few different occasions where I really thought we could have slapped the other.
See we both were loud girls, who spoke there mind.
I mean who was this girl with the loud chicago accent and who did she think she was?
She was Emily Cotterman, thats who.
Two loud girls who don't know each other in one room, at a party with a close circle of friends feeling intimidated by the one another, doesnt mix well.
Until those two girls are put together on a quiet afternoon and accidentally left in a room on their own, forcing some hint of conversation.
Once the awkward hellos how are yous are out of the way similar taste in music, humour and movies crops up. Therefore forming a certain friendship.

A friendship that turns from a casual hello text, to lunch , to acting like 14 year old girls and staying the night at each others house on numerous occasions. (Note we were in our 20s and lived about a street away from the other) To the point where people question whether we were actually a couple we hung out that much.
We were those girls at parties that unfortunately were very annoying. Once we got started on quoting movies such as Pineapple express and Katt Williams, you couldn't stop us. I actually wish I could go back and apologize to other people as Emily and I were so caught up in having a good time, we might have ruined good times for others. We didn't care though. We played songs that we liked over and over again at parties and sang to them obnoxiously. If we wrote all of our inside jokes, nicknames and just quotes in general, it would be bigger than a harry potter book.

As I sit here listening to Colorblind, looking at these photographs I can't begin to think where would I be if I hadn't met Emily. I wouldn't have these hilarious memories, I wouldn't annoy David when he puts in Pineapple express and I'm half asleep laughing hysterically and quoting at the sametime, I wouldn't be able to listen to Jimmy Eat World The Middle without thinking of hott summers days in Emily's car with the windoews down aviators on screaming the words to the song.

Although it's been awhile, it feels like yesterday.
I couldn't have recieved this email at a better time.
It's so nice to think that even though relationships can fall apart, some make it through.
I know that when I make it back to Arkanas, I can call her up and it will be just as it once was.
I'll just be a married woman :).

I remember when David and I just started dating and I was so scared to tell her because well, who wouldn't think David and I were crazy.
David had changed his facebook relationship status to In a relationship this particular day that I was going to tell her.
Emily came over and I was on the phone.
Emily: Who are you on the phone with?
Me: David
Emily: Oh did you know he is in a relationship with someone?
Me: Oh ( slyly smiling trying not to make eye contact with her)
Me: David I'm going to have to call you back.

Gosh I miss Emily and I can't wait till I see her again.
Although friendships dwindle, people move away and time passes by, it's nice to know that we know one is just an email away. Nothing needs to be said about the time passed; because the memories are always there, counting crows still rings in my ears, and laughter still fills my soul when I see her name.
We don't have to ask how the other is doing, or feel awkward that one hasn't messaged the other.
Just a simple movie quote, youtube snippet or even a poke on facebook is a way of saying hey, I was thinking about you.

Day 165 of 365:
Waayyyyyyy 200 more days.

 I went upstairs earlier to go and grab something and there was my adorable husband cleaning out his closet and organizing his clothes. If I do not blog tomorrow it's because he has killed me for not only taking a picture of him  but for actually posting it on the blog.
Whoops. :p

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