Monday, 8 August 2011

Hello my lovelies.
How are we today? Hopefully staying dry from the rain!
Oh well I don't mind the rain because next week I will be laying on the beach with my husband, honeymooning in Paphos. Now that I said that watch it rain everyday we are there. Mother nature please be on our side!
So my husband and I are possibly putting a deposit on a flat tomorrow.
Yes I know we all know his name is David but I'm milking the fact we've just got married plus I like the word husband. While we are on the subject of milk and off the subject of staying on subject, I have recently for some unexplainable, mind boggling, weird reason been drinking chocolate milk. I'll have you know the sheer thought of this kind of disgusts me. If you know me at all, you would know I despise milk. I hate the after taste but while I am drinking it it's cold and nice, then regret immediately hits as the clammy grossness of it lingers in my mouth. I don't know where this sudden urge came from or why I even gave in. Blech.
Ahem... needless information anyways, yes deposit on a flat.
We have viewed the flat once and with much debate and discussion a decision has been made.
We are going to view it once more tomorrow with some measurements and what have you, but I believe the tribe has spoken.
We were a bit skeptical because the living room isn't exactly big, but on the plus the main bedroom is very big. With what we are willing to pay though your going to have to make a sacrifice here or there. Do I hear Ikea storage, walk in closet and space saver in the making? Oh yes my friends. I have literally been glued on the Ikea website just brainstorming and mentally designing the apartment.

Day 169 of 365:

I have a really fun habit of annoying david and pulling his face together like so......
Such a handsome man that David Aden.

See ya later alligator.

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