Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Guess who put a deposit down on an apartment today. 
If you guesses us, your the lucky winner.
Of... guessing right. :) 

Ahhhh interior decorating is sooooo exciting to me. 
One of my FAVOURITE things to do when I'm back home is help my mom with the house. 
Since the house is being redone, new projects are always getting done. It's just like getting a new job, you would go and purchase new clothes.
Oh boy and its our very own place. 
Annnnnnddddd something I'm uber uber uber uber excited about... we CAN paint! 
Oh goody gum drops. 
Since the wedding is over; which if there wasn't pictures I wouldn't believe actually happened, I've been itching for a new big project. Along with working on the business obviously. 

On a side note, is my mind playing tricks on me? Or are these riots REALLY happening? 
I don't understand who wakes up and thinks Yeah I'm gonna just set a building on fire today or break down store windows and just completely rob the place? I don't understand how this is still happening either. 
Now I love England, but I hate to say it... this wouldn't still be going on in America. 
Billy Redneck and his 50 brothers, cousins and buddies would just go out and literally take these guys out. 
Like how can they complain about the guy getting shot? Don't get me wrong yes it is a life taken, but he HAD a gun. Which last time I checked is Illegal in this country. What other purpose would he have the gun for? 
I'm not all about everyone having guns in the states but alot of the purpose people have guns is for hunting. 
On top of that... it's not illegal in America. I just think these people are complaining about their problems, when in all actuality the problem is them. There are for greater problems going on in the world.
I just don't understand it. 

I can imagine that whole paragraph above is literally a rambled mess. I do apologize. 

Day 170 of 365:

I love twine. We have so much left over from the wedding I'm trying to find some use out of it. 

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  1. I couldn't agree more! They absolutely would have been taken out by now.

    And congrats on the apartment!!! :-)


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