Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hope everyone is still managing to stay dry! We went to Ikea today and I wore my favourite red connies and my raincoat. 
Oh Ikea was lovely. : ) 
Went to Zumba tonight with some of the girls.
I'm looking forward to the weekend we are having a little reunion on Friday and then Gemma & I have plans on Saturday. 

Day 171 of 365:

I braided my hair today, which instantly takes me back to childhood. I used to love having my mom braid my hair, or after a long day at the pool undoing the braid. Except combing it out ... not so much fun. 
Speaking of little girl, reminds me of an article I came across on someones blog. I wish I could remember, I saved the link from where the article was on but I didn't go back to the blog =/ . 
It's an amazing piece on How to talk to little girls. First impression when you see an adorable little girl, you tell her how adorable she is or how pretty her dress makes her look. This gives the pretense thatt looks are everything. Instead ask the little girl what book she is reading or what her hobbies are. It's such a lovely piece if you have a minute, take a read. 

Now off to skype with my mother. 
Two weeks ago, I was dancing the night away with loved ones and my husband

Good night my loves. 

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  1. Saw this article:

    and I immediately thought of this blog post of yours. Pretty good advice, considering how hard it can be to be attractive and also be taken seriously! :)


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