Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 190 of 365:

So I know I have said it before but I have really felt like I've been failing at this.
I realize there is only so much I can do with us not having internet but I still feel like I started this project and have been making excuses or maybe not giving it my utter most effort.
I also feel like there is something more I should be doing in life.
What that is I don't know yet.
I understand that's so "cliche" that I want to do more and that I want to somehow make a difference, but I mean it.
I almost feel like Julia Childs where she has to go through hat making and bridge classes til she figures out what her real calling is.
I plan to hopefully figure this out this year.
I'm so excited for life right now.
Since I have been struggling/failing at blogging etc. I decided for today I'd do a few photos of my day.

From Left to right top to bottom.
1. I made a braid lace head band today from left over scraps from our wedding.
2. I've been fighting the temptation to eat ALL of these oreo cupcakes Pam made. She knows oreos are my favourite. How am I supposed to turn those down?
3. I began reading One Day today because I think the movie looks amazing. Anne Hathaway is a really good actress and I also like Jim Sturgess. I mean Across the Universe anyone?
4. When I went to look for the extra material today I walked into the guest bedroom to see my wedding dress hanging up. This made me a bit sad as I really want to go back to that night and just maybe stay there for a little way? It was so magical.
5. I painted my nails my favouite/safe bet again today. My nails have been naked for awhile and I sure have missed this dark beauty.
6. I've also been literally OBSESSING over Ombre hair. I reallly think I'm going to take the plunge and do it. It's just whether to do it myself or have my hairdresser do it. Most people who've I've seen do it only already have dark hair so it's easier for them to just judge by the tips. Either or, I've non stopped looked at loads of pictures all day and am just loving this look.
Stay tuned.
7. Wow it really is wedding memory lane today. When I found the scraps I found a bag of left over jam and jelly jars that we had personalized for our wedding. Jampacked with love and Spread the love. Tanja and David 27.7.2011
8. Two words = MUCH NEEDED

See yall later alligator.

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