Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 6 (182 of 365):
We woke up and headed to the pool (yes I know we are not predictable at all). We decided for lunch to go to Martelli's. Afterwards we though we would make our way to a supermarche and gather a fwe items so we could just have a chill day in the apartment. When we got there we found a big time summer weather MUST.
WATERMELON! It wasn't just any little watermelon this boy weighed a ton.

Look how big half of it was. Oh yeah. Dont mind the really cool slicked back wet hair look I've got going on here.
Now David had never experienced the joy and satisfaction of a nice juicy fresh watermelon after a long day in the heat. I was worried maybe I had built up the anticipation up and this watermelon wasnt going to be up to par. I felt I'd learnt my lesson with the anticipation and then let down of the seafood salad, but oh me oh my it was bliss. Just the perfect color of deep pink and water just dripping as you bite into the soft slice. Oh yum. It was perfect. See the thing is I thrive off of all vegetables and fruits. David on the other hand is a hit or a miss with them, but thankfully he loved it. I was very pleased to introduce him to a little summer tradition from back home. We then made a litlte pallet in the yard in the shade under the palm tree and played scrabble for a few hours.
Later that night we decided even though; we've been getting pretty good excerc ise walking, we wanted to go for a night run. Yeah, we made it one lap and gave up. I had a watermelon baby in my stomach and davids back wasnt enjoying our run. We were glad we atleast attempted it. :p

ahhhhhhhhh juicy.

Day 7(183 of 365):

Well you know how our day started, a little poolside lay outtage. Then for lunch we went to O'neils for lunch then we decided we were going to walk along the coast to the harbour, to look at the lighthouse and archeaological sites. Wow we had really underestimated how far that was. Thank heavens for the little benches with shade along the way. We were drenched in sweat and poor hubby was burning. I could actually feel myself burning a little bit so I could only imagine how David was feeling. Once we reached the harbour we headed into the hills to look at some archealogical sites, churches and buildings. When we madea  little pit stop I took one of my shoes off and had a pretty interesting tan line, later I realized a lot of it was dirt. :p
As most of you probably already know David and I are in no way religious but we were are always amazed by churches. There was one that was very tranquil and peaceful. The mosaics outside were astonishing. You can actually imagine what it was once like.
We headed home to refresh a little and went to Martelli's for meal. We then got free drinks at Martelli's :) Afterwards we ofcourse headed to O'neils since it was our last night.
I think David and I were a bit tipsy because later when recalled what we were laughing about on our way home, we realized they were silly things only alcohol would make you laugh at.


Ohhhhh the long coast walk. .

Day 8(184 of 365):
Last day :( We went and laid out and tried to relax and not think about how it was our lsat day and we were leaving that night. We went and got some last minute post cards and souveniors. We sadly went to finish packing and do some last minute cleaning. We had underestimated leaving and left way to early to go to the bus station and decided to sit at O'neils and have one last drink while we waited for the taxi. It was really sad because tthe girls at O'neils were sad to see us go. They saw our suitcases and said we couldn't leave. Awwww. They were all lovely and were always having a good laugh. When we arrived back in England it was so nice to come back to our flat. We felt like a real married couple.

Bye bye Pafos :(

That sums up our honeymoon for the most part.
Hope you've enjoyed.

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