Monday, 29 August 2011

Day four (180 of 365):

I awoke still in amazement that we are on our honeymoon. I of course wasted no time to head outside and layout. As David woke up and came to find me roasting like a grilled chicken, he looked in pain. He pulled something, really badly in his back and was in excruciating pain. So I said that I guessed I would just have to sacrifice and lay out while he has a relaxing day inside. ;) Then after awhile I tried to cheer him up by saying we’d go to O’neils early and watch some of the other football matches before Everton play. Which I had hoped for the sake of our honeymoon Everton would pull it together and bloody win. They unfortunately did no such thing. So we decided to blow off a bit of steam, by walking to the harbour to get some ice cream. We had only taken the bus before and wanted to go for a bit of exploration. We found a few ancient caves and we made it to the harbour in time for the sunset. Which thankfully I think took David’s mind off the loss. We had a little walk around, some ice cream then headed back. Got freshened up and headed to none other than…. O’Neils.
They had live music playing again. When we got home we laid in the back yard and looked at the stars.

Day Five:
We decided to look if the apartment complex had a pool. Of course we waited till Day five to figure that it indeed did. It was perfect lay out because I could be in the sun and David was under the umbrella. Also it’s always nice to dip in the pool when it gets to hot. Lunchtime hit and we decided to go to Martellis, we’d been eyeing it for a few days now. It was probably the best pizza we ever had. Plus we got free ice cream because I was American. The owner lived in the states for 16 years and he was so excited I was American. I wasn’t complaining. The ice cream was very nice.  We began our trek for the day to Tomb of the Kings. We of course chose the hottest day to walk to a place where there was absolutely no shade at the hottest time of the day. It was so worth it though. The Tomb of the Kings was so interesting and amazing. It had loads of Archelogical findings from like 6000 years ago. David thought it was Epic. Everywhere you looked it just kept blowing our minds. Man made and still standing. It was so educational and well worth it. The more we walked around though the more dehydrated both of us were feeling. So we headed home and made a  little pit stop by O’neils for a refreshing beverage.
We had decided the previous day that we were going to have a date night, which may sound silly because the whole week was like a big date but we just wanted to make one night extra special I guess you could say. So we got dressed up and headed for Poseidus. When we got off the bus at the harbour we could hear loud music and the closer we got to the restaurant strip we could see like a little art festival. Live music, crepe stands, art on display… WAY cool. This excited us. So we went and had our lovely meals and then headed back to the music. On our way we saw this group of people who were completely stood stop motion. Then they all of a sudden kept walking. After a few yards one of the girls yelled something and they became statues. Whatever they were doing at that moment they stopped doing it. One girl was on her phone, two little girls were running around through the crowd, three girls giggling looking into the sky at a Chinese lantern that had been sent off into the darkness. It was so cool.

Day 189 of 365:

Went to matthew street festival yesterday with some friends. 
I had the worst head ache ever so wasnt even really able to enjoy it. 
Felt really bad for the girls I was with. 

another post to come later. 
For real this time. 


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