Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What a day!
This morning I had my final dress fitting with my mom.
It was such an emotional moment because I had all the accessories and everything to try it on.
It was like I could completely and totally see the big picture. Before I would imagine how or what I'd do with my hair, what shoes and so on. It was also so special because my mom got to come with me.

After that we headed into the city for David's graduation.
I knew that I would be proud of David and all but as the moment came when I saw him come up closer to the stage for them to call out his name I had like happy butterflies in my stomach and just I fell even more in love with him. He has worked very hard and really could have taken the easy route and just given up (like myself). It made me so proud to say that he is going to be my husband in a meer fourteen days.
 It was really cool as well because David Moyes (Everton's Football Manager) was honourary fellowship as was Brian May ( guitarist and song writer for Queen). Brian May actually shook everyone's hand after they accepted their diploma. So jealous.

Amazing family I'm marrying into.

Proud teachers of their future son in law. :)

After David's graduation we went out to eat and afterwards David and I glanced back to see our parents & Paul and Gemma were all conversing. We both looked at each other and said how amazing it is to have everyone together. Obviously not everyone is here yet, but our parents mean so much to us it's so nice to see them all getting along so well. We really are both lucky that we both get along with our in laws.

Today was such an amazing day and just to think the next big photo-op day will be our wedding day.
I quite possibly could get emotional just speaking about it.

For wedding wednesdays I don't have much for you as I've been a bit busy. I stated on Photography by tanja facebook page, and I will state it here; I know I've been coming with excuses but I PINKY PROMISE after the wedding I won't have excuses. I just really am trying to cherish every minute of these weeks leading up to our wedding. Living in my perfect world where everyone is together.
I would like to state though, DOILIES.
They literally are the best invention ever. They give that extra something to things that may be missing the added touch. We have completely and uterly used them to every extent and I cannot wait to share all the details with you. I just don't wanna give anything away before the big day. :)

143 of 365:

So proud :) 

Tomorrow is not a busy day so HOPEFULLY FINGERS CROSSED. I will be caught up on everything!

Good night y'all.

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