Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Oh goodness look at the time.
What do you know its twenty minutes to twelve and I'm just now blogging.
Also trying to type faster than my wittle fingers will type.

Literally what an amazing day. I would say nothing could be sweeter but I am thinking a day coming up in the near future will quite possibly be just that.
Soooo I went to gym this morning and as David dropped me off I asked him to double check my mom's itinerary and also what terminal.
As I finish my gym session and am in the shower I come back to the locker to see a few missed calls off of  David and a voicemail. I go to listen to the voicemail to have the phone ring again.
Tanja did you get my voicemail?
No I've just been in shower.
Tanja, your mom and Jim's flight arrives at 12:10 NOT 12:50.
I being confident that he's read this wrong or just winding me up, ask him to check again and say no she comes at 12:50 ( not actually being 100% sure but being of the female species ofcourse am right).
He says I'm looking at the screen there are no other flights from that destination other than the 12:10 and something after 1 o'clock that isn't a delayed flight.
I shout a very nice friendly word and then tell David to immediately come my way.
Thankfully it was only 11:30 at this time and there was no traffic so we arrived with time to spare.

Just enough time of aniticpation, one more minute and I probably would have peed my pants.
When I saw my mom and Jim walk through that door tears just streamed down my face, as I ran to jump in mom's arms. 5 months may not sound like a long time but it sure as heck is, when I used to see my mom probably a few times a week.

As we were driving home from the airport I kept glancing over to my side to make sure she was still there.
I felt like a little kid who is attatched at mommy's side.

We got home and she just started unloading literally her whole suitcase of stuff for the wedding.
It's so nice to see it all in real life and put things that go with things we already had. It all just completely seems to be coming together now and looking more and more personal and us.
Did I use and enough in that sentence?
Ok well I have three minutes to finish this blog post.

Day 142 of 365:

My mom made me a little care package bag. How perfect is the wrapping?
It ofcourse include numerous owl necklaces.

Ahhhh one minute.
David graduates tomorrow :)

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