Friday, 1 July 2011

It is officially wedding month y'all.
My mom gets here in eleven days.
Like it's almost "next week"!!!!
I went to bed last night closed my eyes to relax only to have my mind to have the same energy as a four year old on mountian dew.
I still need to do that, oh yeah have I put those together, oh yeah I need to email so and so, what did I still need to get to do, Oh yeah I need to remind david to do, we have to pay for this and on and on and on my little mind went. I literally had to black out my mind and just force myself to not think about it. Although imaging our wedding day is usually my favourite last thought before I fall asleep. Imagining myself looking into David's eyes as his wife while we dance our first dance, everyone witnessing the start of something so wonderful, its the perfect way to fall into a deep sleep.

Day 131 of 365:
So my friends Mark and Carla asked me to meet up with them tonight.
When they arrived, Mark was carrying a bit black spiral thing with a ribbon on it.
We sat down and Mark handed it over to  me. It was a big massive scrapbook with Dear Tanja... on the front of it.
I open it up and there is an envelope attached to the left hand side like a library book has a library slot for when you check out a book. So cute! In it was a very thoughtful and personal letter that I want to keep for myself and you in suspense.
It's crazy how well my new friends know me.
Thoughtful gifts like this mean so much to me. As much as I take pictures I am AWFUL at printing them off.
Mark and Carla had provided disposable cameras in the little goody bags for the hen do. They had them developed and put them in this. So it was the first time I got to see these photos. It was like a neat way of seeing Amesterdam from different eyes. Moments when I was to busy looking right, I may have missed something on the left. I just LOVE film as well, I love how imperfectly perfect they are. There's no deleting it after you see it cause you don't like the way you look, or editing. It's just click and done, that's it you are captured. There is something so beautiful about the rawness of it.
Some pages have the negatives as page dividers, there are some pages where everything is perfectly aligned then others big collages. This book is my style down to a tee. As I say "its gorgeous and lovely."
Also they didn't only put pictures in it from the weeekend in Amersterdam but of moments that we have all shared as a group of friends, then to top it off pictures from home and before they knew me.
Which is crazy that they chose pictures from random, but they chose pictures that mean so much to me.
Pictures with friends like my old room mate Allison. 
They even picked pictures of David and I that I forgot we had taken but take me back to that first bitter sweet summer that started this amazing story.
It's so touching that these are my friends. Friends have come and gone so much in my life that I didn't really even think something so special existed. At the back of the book they wrote " To be continued..."
I've said it before and I'll say it again moving to England was so meant to be. I have two homes now.
Mark and Carla, you were ever so missed in Amerstdam but we have a lifetime of memories to make. You guys aren't just a chapter in my book called life, you are the characters that come in and are there til the end.
I can't describe how much this means to me. It will be forever cherished; just like our friendship.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me and wake me up.
Things are way to perfect am I really living this amazing life?

Good night everyone.
Check back tomorrow for Danae and Mike's feature on the blog :)

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