Sunday, 19 June 2011

Today was a day to get my little rear into wedding craft mode.
Crazy enough I got an idea from last nights cider bottles.
So I thought for todays post I'd do a DIY decopage bottle.
Whether for your wedding or your home, this is a very easy DIY project!

You will need:
Empty bottles (these could be same size or various sizes to add variation)

Paper, newpaper, old book pages, magazines whatever type of paper takes your fancy

I used pages of one of the many books I bought at the antique store a few weeks ago.

Modge-Podge glue or Decopatch- both can be found in most craft stores, I've used both and both work just the same. You can also buy different kinds of finishes that are either glossy or matte.

It's as easy as 1, 2 done.
Step 1: Rip pieces of your paper. If you want straight perfect looking collage you could use scissors. I like to go for a bit more of a scattered messy look so I just ripped and pulled at different widths and heights.

Place your treasures in a pile.

For the actual decopaging part you could either dip a brush into the tub of glue or pour some out into a pot.
I personally put my in the lid of the deco and as you can see below, am not scared to get my fingers messy.

After you have covered the whole of the bottle or even if you want to leave some parts missing for a bit of a unique touch to it, let dry. This takes about a whole 15 minutes max.
Then Presto.
From shabby to chic.

As if this wasn't fun enough for my day, I then got an idea for button holes which I couldn't possibly share with you. My mom and I also tracked down some finds that we've been looking for the wedding and also at a very good price. Then to complete the total happiness I found another little something that I had been looking for for quite some time.
All these secrets will make sense in about a month and some change :)
We still have lots to do but I am not too worried. I have a helpful mother in law and my mommy will be here sooooooosooon!!!! I think I've been putting somethings off to the side even though I know they are only small tasks, so that when my mom gets here we can do them all together so it will be like she hasn't missed a thing. I can't wait to have her here. The family (Mom, Jim, Brandy, Jamie and cutesy patootsy Braxton)all went out to breakfast this morning to celebrate Fathers Day  which is also the beginning of "Jim week".  Jim's birthday is this coming Friday so he pretty much calls it Jim week because well it's all about him. ;)

I got to speak to David on the phone today. It's crazy how just hearing is voice makes me all giddy inside. Only two more sleeps without him.

Day 119 of 365:

Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination. - Voltaire

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  1. Playing blog catch-up.

    Just had to say that I decopaged bottles with my mom when I was probably 10 or 12. I remember using torn pieces of colored tissue paper. They came out looking like stained glass windows, a little. And I guess it's a vintage look, because this was early 1970's and they fit right into the cultural "look" of the time.

    Keep writing, I'll keep reading.

    Ruth Anne


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