Monday, 20 June 2011

I really thought today was gonna be a crummy day.
Woke up to the sun shining through the blinds. Normally this would send me jumping out of bed with joy to immediately put shorts on and head to the garden, but today is Monday. Monday means back to work, where the sun DOESN'T shine. Then I remembered that we are also out of coffee. Oh no my usualy 3 cups before work were replaced with water, which is probably a good idea. I was probably still wired from Sunday's consumption.
Neither here nor there it was actually a very good day. I even stayed an hour later in work! Over achiever in this corner if I do say so myself. ;) Not really, just typing numbers into a computer.
I'm so looking forward to this engagement shoot tomorrow. Then another one on Saturday and babyshower on Sunday! Busy week :)

I also got a very fabulous text today asking me about a certain watch I've been dying to have on my arm. Some may think I'm meaning some designer bling bling whatever. Negatron! I'm wanting an old school Casio. Oh yes, believe it!

Day 120 of 365:

I kind of did a big no no being a soon to be Aden and all. I wore red! Oh gosh what a disgrace I am. Wait though, I thought to not make it as brutal I wore BLUE cardigan to kind of counteract the redness. I also spoke about Everton today so I think my loyalty as a blue has shown thick and through today.
Don't mind my roots, just you know creating a new style. No not really, just trying to wait till close to the wedding so get a nice good fresh blonde in for the pictures. Til then I will just act like it's meant to look like this ;)

Have a good day y'all. I'm thinking this is going to be a really good week.
How did YOUR monday go?

Paul and Gemma are coming over for "tea" tonight. Then afterwards I'm going to make something sweet for David's return home. Oh betty crocker watch out sister here I come.

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