Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wow! 100 days of blogging!
Doesn't seem that long! That's more days than there are to our wedding!
Ohhhh -insert word that begins with an E- !!
So today was a fun day.
I went into my father in laws office and did some work.
Fun times! I love typing numbers into a computer. Nerdy aren't I?

Also is it wrong that I get sad that Harry Potter's slogan is "It all ends".I DONT WANT IT TO END :(
I mean I'm so anxious for this film I really can't even believe I am saying it.
Ask me a few years ago would I even THINK about watching or even READING Harry Potter.
pfff! I hated it. I'm disgusted with that Tanja. How dare her! I've always loved reading but I just don't think i had the open mind I have now. From loads of ridicule from my cousin Heather and David I cracked and said I'd atleast attempt to read the first one. I just saw how much excitement David got about the films and how into it Heather was. I had seen the first Harry Potter and just wasn't impressed. I think it was the young acting that put me off. I was hooked into the book after like the first page this time.
Now look at me. Antsy in my Pantsy for July 15.
My mom will be here and she is NOT even remotely a fan.
Hopefully something else will be in theaters because best believe we are going to watch it that night!

The night after that one of our brides Emily will be getting married!!
We hopefully will get a chance to shoot her engagements soon.
We've had to postpone them due to weather and travel.
They will be bitter sweet none the less.

Also another engagement session coming up soon that I am really looking forward to shooting.
Can't tell you about the couple JUST yet.
I will though closer to the time.

HEN DO next weekend! Ahhhhh I am excited to go away with the pals.
The only sad part is David leaves the day after we get back for his stag do.
He's going away for A WEEK!
Gosh what are our wedding parties like.
Spoiling us in such ways.

Look at what Pam has been up to today!
The picture doesn't even do them justice. She's been working on these cute little cake decorations. She's such a dedicated little baker. Personally think she should go into business. Don't you?
I only popped a few up on this AMAZING Cath Kidston cake stand that Pam received as a gift off her sister. How gorgeous is that? I've seen it a few times I have walked through Selfridges and just thought it was the cutest thing ever.
I think we should all try and talk Pam into doing what she loves and getting paid for it :).
Who's with me.
Come on folks, let's get the comments coming so we can show Pam what we think.

DAY 100 of 365:

David is in work so I think I shall sink into some fine reading. I got this as a present from Pam and I began it ages ago but haven't finished it yet.

Hope everyone had a good day.
See you tomorrow.

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