Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hello friends!
So I Have a few treats for you.
Allow you may hate me because you can only look and not taste.
Pam baked her cakes today so I wanted to take some pictures to keep trying to get some people to maybe talk her into doing it as a business!
If you have a birthday party, wedding, or something hit her up.
Let's get this woman some business!!!
Obviously if you have an event hit ME up as well. :)

This one is probably my favourite!

How delicious do those look?

Now I've been little by little showing you our invitations but I wanted to wait until they were all sent out.
So it's time for the big reveal :)
Which I'm pretty sure that the only people that read this actually received an invite so this won't be much of a reveal but maybe just maybe!

I tied the invite, rsvp card, gift registration and accomodation cards together with twine and ofcourse a button.

 Seeing as we don't know exactly where we will be in the following months after becoming hubby and wife we thought it would be silly to get toasters, mixers and coffee makers just to be left behind. Although there was so many things I wanted to register for :(. I had in my mind kind of what I wanted to say and I sent my friend Mark a message and he helped me come up with this.
It's fabulous.

We stamped the envelopes with an owl but ofcourse. Also, if you remember we wax sealed the backs of them just for that finishing touch.

Sarah from Designs by Sarah Estelle. Go and like her facebook page :)
She will be guest blogging sometime this week to fill you in on her work.
As you can see she's sooo talented and really works with you on what you want.
We were a bit of a pain and she was ever so kind and put up with us!
So worth it! Sarah your a star thanks for your amazing work!

Now for wishful wednesday:
Nothing really special but we've been talking hen do today and it's just put me in the travel mood.

Hooooow cute is this passport case? Oh I just love it! It caught my eye Here 
Now you know I've been on and on about gladiators. I still don't know where I am going on my hen do but I still just feel these are travel friendly. Can be dressed up or dressed down!

ALSO this has nothing to do with travel but all to do with wedding. So I was talking to my mom on skype the other day and I just mentioned how I really want to make my own birdcage veil when she gets here and so on. We were talking about looking for material and how I could put some flowers like my bouquet on it.
Yesterday I was getting my Princess Lasertron daily dose and Stumbled upon this!

Princess Lasertron’s felt flower fascinator headband class + women in biz podcast


If you are also a fellow bride and this interests you. Go and check out Princess Lasertrons website. Not really a diy person? She makes custom made ones for you as well!!
I entered in a random contest to win a free registration for her online class.
I've been religiously checking my email all day in hope that I just might have won. Odds arent looking to good. =/ The day isn't over yet!

 Day 101 of 365:

As I was in the guest bedroom aka wedding storage room I decided to snap a quick picture in the mirror.
So cliche I know.

Today is the 1st of June, you know what that means.
Next month I will be David's wife.
Mrs. Tanja Aden.
I like the sound of that.
Hope everyone had a good day.
Don't forget to check back tomorrow!!

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