Monday, 30 May 2011

Hey folks
Going to try and make this fast. 
We went to cinema with Peter and Helen to see Hangover 2 and when we got there we decided to go to later viewing so we wouldn't be sat in first row.
Never fun.
So we got home later than expected and now that means short blog post.
Do apologize.
Going to try and wrap up the weekend seeing as I didn't blog much.
Saturday was a right good time.
We gathered at Emmas where I let myself into the peer pressure of a bit of fake tan.
I asked Abbie to do it for me, because anytiem I've ever done it no matter how slow I go or how much patience and carefulness I can't get it even.
Turned out good except the next day I woke up and my feet look like I'd been double dipped in motor oil and dog poop.
After everyone arrived we headed into Liverpool to Igloo where the kind lovely ladies booked us a booth.
It was very much fun as we had our own little section to ourselves where we could dance like fools but also sit down if we wanted to.
Here are a few pictures from the night

What a crackin night that was! I'm pretty sure we were all feeling it the next day as well!
I woke up and immediately stepped right back into bed.
Then Pam had a nice family get together and I felt so bad because I still felt awful.
I was so out of it I felt like a zombie on the couch.
But Jim (step dadish)  always says if you wanna soar with the eagles ... well actually i've forgot the rest of it buuuuut you know...
ahhh one minute. gotta go.

Day 99 of 365:

Double date.

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