Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wishful Wednesday:
Ohhhh I know if I had this beauty my computer wouldn't take me 45 minutes just to check my email or to make a blog post. I restored my laptop yesterday and deleted most all of old stuff, with the thought it would make it run faster. FAIL. It runs slower. How is this even possible I do not know.

Today David and I sorted out envelopes for the invites and rsvp cards. Oh what a process it was! We finally found an envelope to fit the rsvp cards but then it wouldn't fit the main evenlope. That doesnt even make sense. We decided to go and check another stationary store and David got us completely lost and the sat nav told us to take a left which ended up being a brick wall deaad end. Then when we got to our destination realized it was actually the wrong one.
We solved the envelope dilema in the end.

Began the seating chart plan for the people we know are for sure coming. Oh my stress. Also have this overwhelming feeling of that I need to get so much stuff done but I have hit that wall of not knowing where to pick stuff back up. Tomorrow we get the invites so we will be packaging and puting them together. Maybe that will just get the flow going!

Day 80 of 365:

I go through so much fruit and veg in a day it's not even funny. I am seriously addicted to frozen fruit. I just love it. A very precious woman in Chicago named Anne who I call Grams got me started on frozen grapes ages ago. Then one day realized that they actually sell already frozen fruit, who knew. :) I love things cold. I have to have like a million ice cubes and my apples cold. I'm just a weirdo like that!

Have a nice day! See you tomorrow!

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