Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Today was such a productive day!
David and I went along with Pam on her search for the perfect Mother of the groom outfit. We were very successful. She found the perfect outfit, she looks gorgeous. Hat and all!
I know I sound like a broken record but the big picture is all coming together.
My dress-check
Mothers attire-check check
Bridesmaids dresses- check check check check and check

I think all of us ladies are just on the search for shoes and accessories now.

So remember my blog post about 2 days ago on history of women and how being a lady in the 20's was of such class and so forth? Well the day a few friends were meeting up, and my friend Vicky picked me up to give me a ride. Vicky and I always get to talking vintage and she mentioned Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants and I pointed out that I had actually just blogged about it the night before and we so were on the same page. She proceeded to tell me about how she was watching some vintage make up videos and I begged her to send me the links. OH MY GOSH ladies, you HAVE to watch this.

Vicky and I were talking about how they should totally bring back the packaging and intricate ways of how the make up cases are. We would totally be their number 1 customers. It's so cute isn't it, and so interesting how far the world of women's beauty has come. Just think of shaving your legs with one of those little razors smaller than your pinky, or putting on deoderant like that. Odor oh no. I love the little match box of lip stick.
I think Lisa Eldridge is so gorgeous I could watch all of her videos all day long! How neat is this woman she's interviewing? I want to go and play at her house!

Day 79 of 365:
The men's button holes are coming along. Here's a peak at one of them!

Sorry for the shortness of the post, I'm actually currently restoring my laptop so it's moving at snail pace at it is. Also, I'm kind of watching Harry Potter for the 1,3432908 time with Pam. :)
See you tomrrow!!

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